Step Inside our Cryochamber & after 3 minutes you exit feeling Rejuvenated, Refreshed & RESET.


As our state of the art electronic chamber drops to -85℃ temperature you will be provided with all of the equipment necessary to enjoy Cryotherapy safely. You will step inside & begin your RESET Journey. Full-Body Cryotherapy stimulates cold receptors all over your body and triggers innate biological mechanisms within yourself. You'll notice an Adrenaline kick almost right away & your body will begin an anti-inflammatory response to the cold temperatures in order to increase blood flow & circulation to key parts of the body whilst restricting blood flow to your extremities.  


When you are receiving the whole body cryotherapy treatment, your body will go through vasoconstriction, which occurs when the blood vessels tighten and become smaller in order to reduce circulation; this process happens in order to keep your blood around the core of your body, to protect your organs from the extreme cold. When your three minutes is up, and you step out of the machine, your body experiences vasodilation. Blood vessels open up and expand to more than three times their normal size & the blood that was surrounding your core and picking up extra oxygen is then flushed throughout your body, refreshing & rejuvenating from the inside with oxygen-rich red blood cells!


Here are just some of the known benefits of Full-Body Cryotherapy:



  • Cellulite reduction

  • Metabolism boost for 5-8hrs. Up to a 3 times faster rate than normal, promoting weight loss. On average burns between 500-800 calories.

  • Improvement in skin conditions including psoriasis, blemishes, and acne

  • Collagen production- evens skin tone.

  • Improves the signs of ageing

  • Promotes hair growth on the scalp.


Health & Wellness:

  • The ultimate day after (hangover) cure

  • Alleviation of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines & the effects of stress

  • Enhanced energy and releasing “feel good” endorphins

  • Decreased muscle soreness, spasms, and inflammation

  • Pain relief from disorders such as rheumatoid diseases and fibromyalgia

  • General improvement of autoimmune responses

  • Improved post-surgical recovery


Sports & Recovery:

  • Faster, more efficient recovery from the stress of competitive sports or training

  • Reduced inflammation, swelling muscle & joint pain  

  • Reducing lactic acid levels in your system

  • Improves muscle tone, and the muscles capacity to regenerate

  • Increased testosterone levels in men


Cryotherapy is an invigorating, nontoxic, non-invasive treatment and has been used for decades in Europe and Japan to lessen pain, aid weight loss and enhance your skins natural radiance. As well as to treat health problems including fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression & Insomnia. Plus (from personal experience) it's the most effective Hangover Cure we've ever tried! 


Athletes absolutely love cryotherapy, as it decreases rest & rejuvenation time after strenuous activity. In fact, any people experiencing injury/ pain or poor sleep will love it! 


Cryotherapy was created to treat a wide array of ailments & improve general well-being. The modern Full-Body immersion Cryotherapy was created by Japanese doctors in 1978 as a form of pain relief for those suffering from chronic pain as a result of their medical conditions.


The application of Cold to inflamed or swollen areas & Ice baths are common household knowledge and applied by millions every day. There is certainly something to the 'Healing powers of Cold' & Cryotherapy are these principles adapted & put into practice using cutting-edge technology to streamline & further enhance these healing & beautifying effects.  


But as many have noticed it wasn't just pain relief that clients were experiencing, a number of other benefits started to come to light & soon Athletes started to enjoy: Faster Recovery times, Improved Stamina, Lessened Fatigue & soon many football clubs like Fulham FC had invested in their own Cryotherapy studios.


Whether it's to feel more comfortable in your own skin, enhance your natural beauty or just experience something new we're confident that RESETCRYO & our state of the art Cryotherapy chamber can unlock your potential & RESET your day to day



But how can we possibly survive three minutes at -90°C?


The temperature sounds extreme, but rest assured the dry atmosphere makes it very manageable. When you enter the chamber, we make sure you keep your extremities moving to encourage blood flow. We play the music of your choice, so feel free to dance instead! 


Don't let the anticipation put you off – you'll feel great afterwards and want to come back for more! Cryotherapy is one of the most all-encompassing wellness treatments to date.

What are the key benefits of cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy is so popular because of its mental and physical benefits. It induces a primal instinct known as 'fight or flight', releasing a huge shot of Adrenaline into the Bloodstream. This stimulates many positive short-term and long-term effects on the body.


For example, a boost of endorphins, which are usually released after sexual activity, giving a calming euphoria, whilst the 'energising' adrenaline provides clarity and focus. Meanwhile, the circulation is boosted and an oxygen rush makes you feel revived. Your metabolism speeds up as the body keeps itself warm, burning up to 800 calories per 3-minute session.


Cryotherapy is also an effective tool for managing pain, and provokes your bodies anti-inflammatory response, reducing swelling & inflammation. Our clients will leave RESETCRYOTHERAPY feeling an affirmative, beautiful, improved version of themselves.


Are there aesthetic benefits that show on the skin?


Extreme cold tightens, tones, and smooths skin. It stimulates micropore circulation and provides a boost of oxygen via your bloodstream encouraging collagen production & elastin synthesis, reviving and enhancing your natural complexion. Skin is retextured, with the appearance of pores diminishing, and skin left feeling firmer. 


Is it best done before or after a workout?


Cryotherapy is best administered for recovery after exercise. The release of endorphins acts as an excellent pain moderator, whilst your bodies natural anti-inflammatory response to the cold helps the body to recuperate. Recovery time is diminished which means that you can push yourself further than you could ever do before, and achieve your goals both healthily & efficiently.


Ideally, how often should we do a treatment?


We would recommend using it at least twice a week, but some of our Cryotherapy devotees come as often as every other day! It depends on personally desired outcomes and of course your schedule.

What are the Leg compression Boots? 


We use the best boots on the market, the RecoverPump system is the leader in aggressive muscle recovery. It's ideal for athletes trying to reach peak performance but also aids rehabilitation from injury and even helps keep cellulite at bay.

You zip the boots around each leg and a powerful sequential pneumatic pump slowly build pressure from your feet upwards.

The pressure slowly pushes the blood and any toxins up and away through the lymphatic system and then when the pressure is released… fresh oxygenated blood rushes back, making your legs feel like new! 


Are the Leg boots cold?


No, this is not a cold or wet treatment, it just uses compressed air, think of it like a 360-degree massage.

For optimal use, combine this treatment with whole-body cryotherapy.