The benefits of whole body cryotherapy are:


Weight Loss

- Your metabolism gets a boost for 5-8 hours and you can burn between 500-800 calories a session


Muscle Soreness

- It reduces muscle inflammation and muscle soreness (DOMS)



- It inhibits collagen destroying collagenase and stimulates collagen production



Mental Health

- Helps to alleviate depression and anxiety, fatigue, migraines and promotes a better nights sleep


Pain Relief

- Helps with chronic disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia


Feel Good Factor

- The release of endorphins, dopamine & adrenalin lifts you up


Aids Medical Recovery

- Speeds up recovery from injury by increasing blood flow to the area


Each appointment is booked in a 15-minute slot

Single session - £35

4 sessions (valid for 6 months) - £100 (SAVING £40!)

8 sessions in a month - £160 (SAVING £120!)

Monthly Unlimited Pass- £195

Monthly Unlimited Couples Pass - £300