My name’s Emma Dilloway, founder of RESETCRYO. When Jacqui & I talked about the possibility of starting RESETCRYO I was so excited to offer something so special to my friends & clients.


I’ve known Jacqui Morgan for many years & having seen the change Cryotherapy made to her health & general well-being, I just had to find out more about it.


"It all really began for me after my first session…"


I was no stranger to the amazing benefits of holistic & alternative treatments of illness & the profound effects they have on people’s lives. But after diving into the deep end & trying Cryotherapy, I was hooked!  


I started to notice changes taking place in myself as well. My skin looked fuller, aches & pains started to fade away and once I began to take stock of these positive changes occurring I realised that it was the Cryotherapy helping me. 


It had always been so satisfying to see customers leave feeling so much better than when they arrived & that's exactly what happens at RESETCRYO.


My Studio space is now the RESETCRYO HQ! Offering a selection of unique Cryotherapy treatments & plans designed for our clients, both old & new. It all began for me with the first session, and now I often wonder how I lived without it.


I’ve since introduced Cryotherapy to all my friends & family and to use my studio’s space to host something so special has been utterly breathtaking.


My Philosophy: Be the best version of yourself, always. Cryotherapy has helped so many people become who they want to be, I’m hoping you will pop by our studio and become that person too.


Emma Dilloway, Founder of RESETCRYO

As a lady in her late fifties, I’m probably not the most obvious cryotherapy devotee, but I am. Let me tell you why.


At 40 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RH). A chronic & debilitating autoimmune condition. I chose to take control and make the illness something I rule – I was sure to not let it rule me.


My RH is severe enough that I get access to the best medical treatment(s) available. But the constant stress of treatment after treatment & constantly having to keep up with myself left me feeling weak — I was always searching for anything which could help make my life easier and more fulfilling…


That’s when I found Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) & LondonCryo. They led me through my first ever Full-Body Cryotherapy experience, and it changed my life. After changing into a robe and putting on a pair of thermal socks and gloves I stepped into that chamber and in only three minutes it made me feel alive like never before!


"I cannot even start to explain the long list of positive differences Cryotherapy has made to my life."


At the time of starting cryotherapy around a year ago, I was suffering from a condition called “Fibromyalgia”. Causing pain all over the body. After a few months of Cryotherapy, the Fibromyalgia had almost disappeared and my Rheumatoid Arthritis has improved to such a degree that my life has finally been given back to me. My husband and friends now call me the Duracell bunny; I am so upbeat and life has become 50% faster.


This is why I wanted to bring something so important to me into the mainstream, I had such difficulty finding anywhere outside of professional football clubs that had the facilities we now offer. That's when myself and Emma finally decided to open our own studio. Just like that RESETCRYO was born!


Cryotherapy gave me 100% of my life back & I’m hoping that RESETCRYO can do that for you too.


Cryotherapy has changed my life and has been as important to me as my knee replacements and back fusion surgeries.


Jacqui Morgan, Founder of RESETCRYO