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Hot Fuzz 1080p Download Yify whalanni


Hot Fuzz 1080p Download Yify

I am trying to build a rental library database with PHP MySQL. I am able to get the firstname and lastname from a row using a while loop and if statement to determine if the row is loaded. How can I modify the snippet below to exclude the last row in the database file? Thanks. while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result) { $name = $row['firstname']. " ". $row['lastname']; $id = $row['id']; $rental = $row['rental']; $rentalId = $row['rentalId']; A: $result = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM `mytable` ORDER BY `id` ASC'); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $name = $row['firstname']. " ". $row['lastname']; $id = $row['id']; $rental = $row['rental']; $rentalId = $row['rentalId']; if($rental!== '$$$') { // Something } } The idea here is you select all of them and then use a custom ORDER BY clause (which must be ASC or DESC depending on what you want) to get them in the order you need them, this will give you an incremental ID on the loop for easy searching. Then when you find a $$$, you bail out of the loop. The check in the loop for the $$$ will result in the first row ever returned. A: Do a SELECT * FROM mytable ORDER BY id DESC This will get the last row before the $$$. As noted above, the trick is using ORDER BY. Q: Vue.js : Filtering array in object I have an array in an object as seen bellow. var

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Hot Fuzz 1080p Download Yify whalanni

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