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About ResetCryo

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"I look forward to welcoming you!"
- Company Owner Carly Davies

Welcome to the new home of your local Cryotherapy in Essex.  I'm Carly owner of Resetcryo, a little bit about me.... 


I have worked in the Beauty Industry for the last 20 years including owning my own Salon and beauty business in Hertford for 15 years.  I have enjoyed the benefits of Cryotherapy treatment for a couple of years now. I originally went to help with my health generally, but mainly because of my back and leg pain caused by being in my profession.


I was very excited to have the opportunity to take over this business and delve deeper into the world of Cryotherapy, it's science and amazing benefits.


I look forward to welcoming you.


Cryotherapy  is for  everyone!

The word Cryo comes from the ancient Greek Kryos meaning ice cold therapy, the treatment had been around for many years, with so many health benefits designed to heal and help so many ailments within the body. This treatment is 100 % natural and is simply cold air therapy suitable for everyone.


We offer a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment, which the client stands in for between 3-5 minutes at -80 to -90 degrees 

For best results we recommend you wear as little as possible, training shorts, vest, sports bras, swim wear, underwear.  Before entering the chamber, we will add padded shoes, gloves, face mask and head band to you, these protect areas that would be prone to freezing to much.

You decide what you do once in the chamber, dance to your favourite song, stretch, light exercise, let the cold air do the work.


After just 30 seconds of being in the chamber the anti-inflammatory kicks in, reducing pain.  Once coming out of the chamber you feel so stimulated and alert, it’s hard to explain the feeling but it wakes up every cell in your body.

Just some of the many benefits.


  • Beauty: Cellulite reduction. Metabolism boost for 5-8hrs. Up to a 3 times faster rate than normal, promoting weight loss. On average burns between 500-800 calories. Improvement in skin conditions including psoriasis, blemishes, and acne.


  •  Health & Wellness: The ultimate day after (hangover) cure Alleviation of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines & the effects of stress Enhanced energy and releasing “feel good” endorphins

  • Sports & Recovery: Faster, more efficient recovery from the stress of competitive sports or training Reduced inflammation, swelling muscle & joint pain Reducing lactic acid levels in your system

  • Pre-sport enhancing performance 

Girl in Cryo Chamber
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